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Antique Silk Furisode Sleeve

A beautiful 'Kyo Yuzen' dyed silk piece, originally a sleeve from a women's formal long-sleeved kimono 'Furisode' dating back to the early 20th century.

Kyo Yuzen is a resist dyeing technique developed in Kyoto in the early 18th century. It involves hand-drawing very fine lines with a rice resist paste and then painting dye directly within the lines. Kyo Yuzen is known for its wide range of colours and delicate gradations.

This material is very soft and drapey, making it ideal for use as a featured panel in a dress or you can simply hang it to decorate your place.

This was a right sleeve, in great antique condition.

Material: silk crepe

Width: 35.5 cm

Length: 210 cm long 

Regular price $120.00

SKU: KF4008