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Antique Indigo Katazome Silk Hanjuban

An antique indigo Katazome stencil-dyed silk underwear kimono 'Hanjuban' from the late 19th century. Originally, it had sleeves when worn, but now it is just the bodice.

The material is very fine soft silk crepe. The bodice features a snowflake-shaped circle with flower and paulownia motifs, while the collar has folded fan and Cintamani stone (wish-fulfilling jewel) motifs. Both display delicate small patterns showcasing intricate craftsmanship.

It is in great condition for its age, except for a small spot mark on the lining.


Material: silk with cotton lining

Width: 54 cm (back bodice)

Length: 68 cm (from shoulder to bottom)


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SKU: AT4016