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Vintage Men's Silk Shibori Heko Obi

Heko obi is a soft sash worn by men with a kimono. It is usually made of silk and often features a shibori design. Its considerable length allows it to be wrapped around the waist two or three times before tying a knot at the back. Compared to the stiff Kaku obi, this type is considered a casual sash, worn with summer cotton kimono 'Yukata' or casual types of kimono.

This unique sash is created using a special technique called 'Yanagi shibori', a type of shibori that creates a stunning effect.

It is slightly coarse but can be worn as a scarf as well as a sash.


Material: silk

Width: 30 cm

Length: approx.  360 cm long

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SKU: MS4008