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Vintage Women's Silk Haori

A women's black silk haori from the late 20th century, featuring a handprinted camellia pattern with gold embroidery. This black shade is slightly charcoal, not intense black. It is in good vintage condition.

Haori is a traditional Japanese outerwear garment, similar to a jacket or cardigan, worn over a kimono. It features an open straight neck, providing a relaxed fit. If you are unsure about the size, please feel free to enquire.


Material: silk 


'Take' length (from shoulder to bottom) - 77 cm
'Yuki' sleeve length (from centre back to cuff) - 63 cm
'Mihaba' kimono width (back bodice) - 60 cm
'Sodetake' vertical sleeve length - 48 cm

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SKU: WH4017